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The Benefits of Extending Your Travel Assignment with Cuready Healthcare Staffing

Travel healthcare professionals often enjoy the flexibility and variety that come with 13-week assignments. These assignments allow them to explore new cities, gain diverse experiences, and meet new people. However, there is another option that offers numerous benefits: extending your travel assignment. Here’s why extending your assignment can be a win-win situation.

Benefits for the Traveler

  1. Professional Recognition: Being offered an extension is a confidence boost, as it signifies that the facility appreciates your work and deems you a high-caliber professional.

  2. Extension Bonuses: Many extensions come with bonuses, providing additional financial incentives.

  3. Extended Exploration: An extension gives you more time to explore and enjoy the city you’re in. This means more opportunities for shopping, dining, recreation, and outdoor adventures.

  • Hosting Opportunities: With more time in your adopted city, you can host family and friends.

  • Deeper Relationships: Longer stays allow for the deepening of professional, friendly, and even romantic relationships.

  • Familiarity: The more time you spend at a facility, the more comfortable you become with its policies, protocols, and people.

  1. Future Planning: Extensions provide extra time to plan your next move, especially if you’re waiting for your dream assignment or location.

  2. Skill Showcase: Staying longer allows you to further showcase your technical skills and build a strong reputation, which can be beneficial if you choose to return to the facility in the future.

  3. Team Integration: The longer you stay, the more you can feel like a part of the team, which can be rewarding both professionally and personally.

  4. Facility and Location Affinity: Sometimes, you might find that you love the facility and location so much that you’re not ready to leave after just 13 weeks.

  5. Permanent Position Consideration: An extension gives you more time to assess whether the facility would be a place you’d consider for a permanent position.

Considering an Extension

While not every assignment will offer the possibility of an extension, it’s worth considering when the option is available. The benefits, both professionally and personally, can be significant. Extensions provide an opportunity to enhance your experience, deepen relationships, and make informed decisions about your career path.

At Cuready Healthcare Staffing, we are committed to supporting our travelers in finding the best opportunities for their professional growth and personal satisfaction. If you have questions about extending your current assignment or want to explore new opportunities, don’t hesitate to reach out to your recruiter. We’re here to help you make the most of your travel healthcare career.


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